To Accelerate Growth

you need to make One Smart Move…

…blend Consulting with Creative!

To accelerate growth you need to make one smart move…
Blend consulting with creative!

It’s today’s trend. It’s what I do,
and have done for hundreds of CMOs.

As a former ad agency CEO/Creative Director I can act as a Freelance CMO or Creative Strategist

What I do: perform a market audit, develop a marketing strategy, and produce a creative strategy with supporting theme/image concepts.
Then I can show you how to execute.

For a brief period of time I am offering a 3 part version of the Communications Support Plan I’ve sold to hundreds for $20,000.

Limited introductory offer: $5,000.


  • We start with an appraisal of your situation: product, market, and competitors messaging components
  • Primary market research
  • Secondary market research
  • Marketing audits, internal & external
  • Influencer relations and location of network hubs
  • The customer development model / business hypotheses
  • Primary and secondary drivers of Social media insights


  • Next we perform a QuickChek analysis of your Communications Objectives, Strategies, Tactics
  • Determine whether company is in Startup or Growth Mode
  • Market Development Check List (as appropriate)
  • Target Customer
  • Marketing Objectives
  • The Strategy Canvas
  • Value Proposition Design
  • Value Innovation


  • And finally we help you understand the Creative Process followed by some Theme/Image Concepts to consider for your marketing
  • Why We Preach Integrated Marketing
  • The Challenge For Creativity
  • Why Outsource To A Creative Strategist
  • Creative Elements Within The Program
  • Branding Issues
  • Positioning Issues

To get started contact me via the name, email address, website box above and I will follow up with meeting date suggestions.

Keith is currently conducting marketing mentoring sessions at
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Keith Bates as a Creative Strategist

Whether your media plan is digital or traditional is almost irrelevant…it’s the message that counts…the message of differentiation and persuasion that is built on core intelligence and theme/image standards. This is the world of Big Ideas that Creative Strategists control. Clients see people as consumers first. Creative Strategists see consumers as people first. It’s their job to bring imagination, insight, and intuition to the development of the marketing messages that resonate with prospects…which changes the attitudes that lead to changes in beliefs and behavior. As a Creative Strategist Keith has built award winning sales/marketing plans for hundreds of B2B tech vendors. See more:

Keith Bates lightning bolts have driven billions in tech sales.

What’s keeping you from grabbing a bigger market share?

One bright idea probably! For giants we’ve pushed their sales into the billions. For small to mid size clients we’ve helped them achieve millions. Value innovation is the challenge. My goal is to position clients to their markets in such a way as to make their competitors irrelevant. One way to explore is through the Blue Ocean concept, either their strategy, or my positioning. There are others.


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