Successful marketers "grab hold" of innovation,
also known as the "BIG IDEA", or lightning bolt!

Keith delivers lightning bolts to clients.

To accelerate sales you must build your marketing plan
from hands-on-experience listening to customers.

Think of Keith as a business
development strategist.

Need a business
development specialist?
Consider Keith.

If your marketing department
performs like a general
you may need
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The backbone of sales lies in
finding a marketing strategist
who sees things that others don't.

Consider Keith as your
marketing strategist.

Your messaging must drive your media
...or  you're dead in the water.

Need a Creative Strategist
to build your Messaging?

Winning marketing
strategies focus
on emotion over
logic. Why?
Because emotion
inspires one to

Keith is a master
at emotional creative

Keith-Bats-Photo-1They say experience counts. For many years Keith Bates served as CEO/Creative Director of a multi-million dollar ad agency he founded, managing both sales and marketing strategies with lightning bolt ideas for over 200 B2B companies, mostly technology oriented.

Today he is functioning as either an inexpensive advisor, or as a creative marketing strategist on a project basis. He is also partnering with ad agencies and in-house marketing teams to handle the execution logistics whether offline, online, digital, social or mobile.


For endorsements, and a list of my 200+ clients, click here.


Examples of multiple theme/image concepts, all for a single client, SPSS, for conversion to landing-page testing.

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A few of the more prominent clients my agency served.

AAR Corp, Boeing Computer, Borg Erickson Corp., Chamberlain Corp., Colt Industries, Eolas Technologies, Ethiopian Airlines, General Binding Corp., IBM, Kitchens of Sara Lee, KPMG, Lakeview Technology, Lansa, Lawson, Napersoft, NOVARRA, Oracle, Pansophic, Peace Corp (U.S.), Peat Marwick, Pitney Bowes, Price Waterhouse, Rand McNally, SPSS, U.S. Army Recruiting, VASCO Data Security, Wheels, Zenith Electronics

 Marketing Strategist

The core competitive advantage that Keith can offer stems from powerful, proven creative skills, strategic planning expertise, and an uncommon ability to translate complex product technologies into easily understood user appeals. A major new entry to the world of strategizing can be found on our  Blue Ocean Positioning “Services” page where we show you how to apply the blue ocean concept that makes your competitors irrelevant. To accelerate sales without changing your product calls for bright ideas. That’s what we sell.

From Ed McVaney, founder JD Edwards, now Oracle:
“I’d simply like to state that over the three years we worked together it became obvious that Keith is a creative genius with a way of assembling complex product presentations that helped J.D. Edwards increase sales by orders of magnitude.” See more:

Creative Strategist

Whether your media plan is digital or traditional is almost irrelevant–it’s the message that counts…the message of differentiation and persuasion that is built on core intelligence and theme/image standards. This is the world of Big Ideas that Creative Strategists control. Clients see people as consumers first. Creative Strategists see consumers as people first. It’s their job to bring imagination, insight, and intuition to the development of the marketing messages that resonate with prospects…which change the attitudes that lead to changes in beliefs and behavior. As a creative Strategist Keith has built award winning sales/marketing plans for 200+ B2B tech vendors. See more:

Blue Ocean Positioning

What is Blue Ocean Positioning? It’s the promotion of a product or service into uncontested market space. It’s products or services marketed in such a unique manner that there are no perceived competitors.

This marketing concept was inspired by the book Blue Ocean Strategy which shows company’s not how to market, but how to reinvent themselves; and was further strengthened by blending this concept with Jack Trout and Al Ries’ international (19 languages) best seller; Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind. Upon completion of the strategies he will work on execution with your staff or ad agency. See more: or click here for white paper.


Keith Bates lightning bolts have driven billions in tech sales.

What’s keeping you from grabbing a bigger market share?

One bright idea probably! For giants we’ve pushed their sales into the billions. For small to mid size clients we’ve helped them achieve millions. Value innovation is the challenge.  See more:



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