for uncontested market space explore blue ocean positioning

Blue Ocean Positioning

Want to run a business that has no competitors?
Blue Ocean Positioning was inspired by the concepts presented in the international best seller Blue Ocean Strategy. Our focus is marketing. Theirs is reinvention.


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What is Blue Ocean Positioning? It’s the promotion of a product or service into uncontested market space. It’s products or services marketed in such a unique manner that there are no perceived competitors. This marketing concept was inspired by the book Blue Ocean Strategy which shows company’s not how to market, but how to reinvent themselves; and was further strengthened by blending this concept with Jack Trout and Al Ries’ international (19 languages) best seller; Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind.




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Applying a blue ocean positioning concept.

Where do you begin? The process starts with the development of a Communications Support Plan based on a process Keith was introduced to many years ago when he helped IBM launch DB2. First requirement is an Audit which embraces primary and secondary market research, communications audits both internal and external, cheap jerseys and a review of the six paths approach detailed in Blue Ocean. Second is a Strategy module which includes the messaging, media, and market development check list. It also builds on the Blue Ocean strategy canvas, reviews their value innovation concept, and considers their four actions framework. Third is the Creative process which combines Blue Ocean’s Visualizing Strategy with the Trout & Ries Positioning Concepts as well as Keith’s creative skills at mixing core intelligence (extracted from Audit and Strategy) with text and images to develop the BIG IDEA.



And what’s a blue ocean positioning strategy?

A blue ocean positioning strategy is simply the development and management of a marketing strategy adapted from the blue ocean value innovation strategy. That is a strategy designed to reposition an existing company or a newly formed company, into uncontested market space while making the competition irrelevant.

Keith’s blue ocean positioning strategy however, helps in refocusing a company’s positioning within the market they have already defined for themselves.

Some thoughts from Blue Ocean Strategy…

What consistently separates winners from losers in creating blue ocean companies is their approach to strategy. Successful creators of blue oceans don’t use competition as their benchmarks. Instead they follow a different strategic logic called value innovation which focuses not on beating the competition, but by making them irrelevant.

and from Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind.

Remember, positioning is not what you do to a product, it’s what you do the mind of a prospect.



Their are two phases.
Planning and Execution.

Acting as your company’s Creative Strategist, Keith will develop and manage the Planning phase of your marketing’s Positioning strategy which embraces a marketing Audit, an overall sales/marketing Strategy, and the Communications creative components required to take your message to market.

To capture increasingly savvy customers’ imaginations and wallets, both differentiation and low cost are needed. Blue Ocean Strategy contends that you can’t offer one without the other. To stand apart in an overcrowded world of marketing you need to be creative through value innovation. It’s a challenge, but doable with the right resources. It’s our plan to make your company uncontested and your competition irrelevant.

Keith does the Planning,
and assists in coaching
the Execution.

Phase two will be the execution phase consisting of your Arsenal development, your messaging Deployment tactics, and various Measurement processes. Keith will either coordinate your ad agency’s efforts, or assist by coaching your in-house marketing staff.

Keith Bates & Associates, Inc. 4319 N. Lowell Ave., Chicago, IL 60641, 773.205.7992,