… a critical component in your go-to-market team development

The  Strategy component
Creative Strategist

Whether your media plan is digital or traditional is almost irrelevant—it’s the message that counts…the message of differentiation and persuasion that is built on core intelligence and theme/image standards. The emotion evoking messages that change the attitudes that change behavior…and change shoppers into buyers.

This is the world of BIG IDEAS that Creative Strategists control.

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The core competitive advantage that Keith can offer stems from powerful, proven creative skills, strategic planning expertise, and an uncommon ability to translate complex product technologies into easily understood user appeals. A major new entry to the world of strategizing can be found on our  Blue Ocean Positioning “Services” page where we show you how to apply the blue ocean concept that makes your competitors irrelevant. To accelerate sales without changing your product call for bright ideas. That’s what we sell.



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The Marcom Engine, home to the roots of Strategy.

What’s a Marcom Engine?

The Marcom Engine is a systems approach to the process of sales and marketing. It evolved from experience gained as a sales/marketing communications consultant to more than 150 B2B marketers over the years and blends the disciplines of Business Process Reengineering (BPR) and Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC). It drives revenue enhancement by reducing the waste and inefficiency of the typical random task approach to communications and consists of six modules: three for planning and three for execution.



Improves return on marketing dollars by:

• Compressing response times to speed up leads, market awareness.

• Greatly improving message retention and intensity of repetition.

• Substantially improving message penetration.


The Marcom Engine’s inspiration was simply the problem of waste and inefficiency of the typical random task approach to the sales and marketing communications process. By random task we refer to the common practice of shooting from the hip, of trying first one media, then another, of changing creative horses midstream endlessly while hoping something will be productive but never applying adequate tools for measurement. This problem often goes hand and hand with failure to apply quality control to creative standards…and unimaginative responses to competitive positioning strategies.


Over the past three decades the author spent a great deal of time counseling senior management and marketing executives on developing more effective communications programs. And in the process discovered that executive frustration with the universally poor return on marketing dollars is quite commonly due to a lack of understanding and/or faith in the marketing communications process coupled with the age-old curse of inadequate accountability.





The Marcom Engine evolved from all those years of counsel. It is an application of the underlying principles of both Business Process Reengineering (BPR), developed by Michael Hammer and James Champy in their seminal book Reengineering the Corporation; and the equally relevant Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) by the book of the same name written by Don Schultz, Stanley Tannenbaum and Robert Lauterborn.

Quite simply it’s a database (repository) and a methodology focused on “Best Practices” and improved business processes to enhance revenue and reduce the dilution of sales and marketing communications dollars.

Specifically it advocates a much greater depth of customer knowledge and involvement than the norm, a unique concept of creative formatting, and the development of a team approach for its implementation. Initially it’s more work than the traditional non-integrated process but it offers benefits that range from simple survival to dramatic growth.

We have the evidence to prove it works! And once both database and team are up to speed you’ll be able to do product launches almost overnight…with major improvements in sales, marketing productivity and profitability.

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