… a critical component in your go-to-market team development

The Creative component
Creative Strategist

Whether your media plan is digital or traditional is almost irrelevant—it’s the message that counts…the message of differentiation and persuasion that is built on core intelligence and theme/image standards. The emotion evoking messages that change the attitudes that change behavior…and change shoppers into buyers.

This is the world of BIG IDEAS that Creative Strategists control.

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Clients see people as consumers first. Creative Strategists see consumers as people first. It’s their job to bring imagination, insight, and intuition to the development of the marketing messages that resonate with prospects…which change the attitudes that lead to changes in beliefs and behavior.

As a creative Strategist Keith has built award winning sales/marketing plans for over 200 B2B tech vendors.




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How do you recognize a Creative Strategist?

This is what to look for.

Because creativity is rearranging existing knowledge, Creative Strategists must be intimately familiar with many different disciplines.

They must possess ONE of the following two sets of personal traits: wholesome, confident, perceptive, charismatic — or— driven, uneasy, remote, sometimes neurotic.

Plus they must possess ALL the following character traits: a tolerance of ambiguity, disorder, tension, and conflict; a desire to create new order from disorder; and an ability to stand fast with personal visions and ideas in the face of group pressure.

Studies indicate that creativity and brilliant intellect do not fit snugly together … creative persons have moderate to high intelligence but not many persons of phenomenally high IQs or memory are highly creative.



Probing the Mystery of Creativity

The Creativity process within our Marcom Engine consists of two key components: core intelligence & theme/image standards. This is the mixing bowl where the ingredients provided by the audit and strategy modules become core intelligence, and are blended with raw creative power to produce THE BIG IDEA (lightning bolt) which is the source of all communications energy and the basis for our theme/image standards.

This module is where the differentiating creativity occurs.

The generally accepted creative process follows these steps. PREPARATION, INCUBATION, ILLUMINATION, ELABORATION, VERIFICATION.

Why do we preach integrated marketing communications?

Because repetition of emotion evoking messages is the only known way to assure penetration of the belief clusters that serve as cognitive dissonance filters.

Because message retention is dependent on the use of a variety of input vehicles. And because pictures are far superior to words when it comes to altering the brain chemistry required of both penetration and retention. …so if you’re contemplating a boring visual, or an all copy message you’re in trouble.





Overpowering, or altering the Belief cluster often referred to as authenticity filters (or the bullshit factor) represents a serious challenge to the creative mind.

The real target of our efforts is not defined demographically (statistics), or psychographically (lifestyles) or even syncrographically (timing) …the target is the brain…and the challenge is to change attitudes, which in turn change behavior. Attitude changes occur through changes in brain chemistry … so think of yourselves as chemists… working on penetration and retention.

The paradox: The quirky unknown doesn’t stick unless you successfully help your reader relate it to the known.

The four most feared words in marketing communications? 


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