One of the bigger issues, after defining social media, is figuring out how best to use it

Social Media

Social media marketing is not a channel unto itself but rather a new set of technologies that should be embedded across the marketing mix as well as across the organization. Forrester

Is social media a tool for delivering the message, or is it the message?

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Contrary to what some are promoting, Social Media is not completely changing the world for B2B marketers. It is simply modifying it. And it is important to understand that it is not a standalone discipline. It needs to work hand-in-hand with tools you’re already familiar with…or it won’t work at all!


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Social media challenge… choosing the right partner.

The excerpt below is from a report by Banyan Branch / Forrester which explores the 6 common social media services available and the 4 different types of partners available to supply these services.

Marketers need partners for social marketing, but the landscape is confusing.

“As an interactive marketer you need to use social technologies, but with few staff and little budget. So you have no choice but to hire help from outside partners. How and who to choose amid the throng of consultants, agencies, and technology providers that call themselves experts in social media? For starters, understand the four kinds of partners you can hire for social media marketing…”

* Of the four kinds of partners according to Forrester (consultants, service providers, technology providers, and agencies) Keith Bates falls into the consultant role with a focus on strategy and the coordination of the other resources needed.


As your CMO on call we will help you start your social media endeavor

by developing plans for integrating social media into your current marketing environment, oversee creative and execution, and locate/work with the necessary technology providers.

As an example of the typical approach we use with clients we would start by exploring the following interactive marketing tactics: Facebook, Twitter, blogs, forums, videos, SlideShare, SEO, email, mobile, LinkedIn, micro-sites, webcasts, virtual tradeshows, etc.

…to be supported by these traditional marketing tactics; print media, direct marketing, collateral, trade shows, newsletters, tele-marketing, experiential. There are many more

Our online marketing execution arsenal consists of 17 resources and materials while our offline consists of 13. We will discuss all of these in depth with you as we go through the process of developing a strategy and assembling your program.

We differ from many tech providers and agencies in that we recognize and apply the ongoing value of traditional marketing tools and understand how to apply them to complement, not compete, with the interactive tools we deploy.




How are we different from all the other consultants who are pitching you?

What’s our competitive edge? Why should you hire us?

Because our extensive knowledge of both social media and traditional marketing enables us to resolve the complexity of integrating and executing both disciplines…better than many others.

Because of our well-known reputation in the tech industry for producing powerful creative that drives lead generation followed by exceptional sales results.

Because we have many powerful alliance partners to work with… when your needs require them and your budget allows them.

Our strengths lie in customer insights, creative thinking, and the ability to employ just the right strategies and tools for maximum market impact and lead generation.

We have earned a reputation for mastering the latest tools, putting together solid plans that incorporate those tools, and then executing reliably on those plans.

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