addressing the challenges of customer discovery

Customer Discovery

Without prospective customers there's not much point in marketing.

Thousands of companies are started every year by people confident they have a product or service that people need or want.

9 out of 10 fail. Because they failed to practice Customer Discovery.

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Steve Blank has saved the day. He pioneered the process of Customer Discovery. There’s no magic to it. Just common sense. But nobody had ever applied it before in the manner that Steve does. It took some heavy thinking. And a lot of testing but when he got it done…it’s effect was like magic on the world of start-up technology companies. Let us share that magic with you by giving you a tour of our Communications Support Plan and it’s embrace of both Customer Development and Blue Ocean Positioning.




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I want to help you with   your marketing using my Creative Strategist skills  but unless you have clearly defined your customers you might want to read Steve Blank’s “The Startup Owners Manual”…

Plus visit these links:

Over the last three years the Lean LaunchPad class has started to replace the last century’s “how to write a business plan” classes as the foundation for entrepreneurial education. The Lean LaunchPad class uses the three “Lean Startup” principles:

•  Alexander Osterwalders “ business model canvas” to frame hypotheses

• “Customer Development” to test the hypotheses outside the building and

• “Agile Engineering” to have teams prototype, test, and iterate their idea while discovering if they have a profitable business model.

Teams talk to 10-15 customers a week and make a minimum of 100 customer visits. The Lean LaunchPad is now being taught in over 100 universities.







When you’ve learned what your customers want I can show you how to reach them, physically and emotionally.

Phase 1: Customer Discovery

The secrets of customer development are explained in great detail in The Startup Owners Manual, as well as the follow-up details of Customer Discovery.

However, if you don’t have the patience for in-depth studying you can get started overnight with The Entrepreneur’s Guide to Customer Development which has distilled the process into a series of steps illustrated with clear examples and concrete actions items.

Phase 2: Creative Strategies

After studying the book of your preference call me for a short visit, at no charge, and with no sales attempts, simply to learn where you are in your startup process, and to offer suggestions as to the next steps whether they require your return to studying the Steve Blanks story online, or taking a look at my Blue Ocean Positioning process.




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